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VJ Hellstone at Lux Helsinki BYOB

Lux Helsinki 2018 BYOB at Kaapelitehdas was a success! Event was extended for an extra hour because of even flow of visitors.

"Bring Your Own Beamer!" We were first ones to arrive to the spot and we brought four projectors. :) Live projections were made with my team mate VJ Johnny Totem. We ended up with projections on two wall, with three projectors. Setup was experimental with Kinect, Z-Vector app, Insta360 camera. All input was run through Resolume Arena 6. People were dancing and moving in front of the Kinect, which was processed through Z-Vector app and Spouted through Resolume. Output was then mixed with another Resolume output via Roland V1-HD mixer.

A short video from the event.

Video music: by Nctrnm - Golden (single)

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